COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Each Friday, the District will share data related to the spread of COVID-19 in Bibb County schools on this page in the interest of transparency and public knowledge. Additionally, check this page for answers to frequently asked questions about the protocols and procedures in place related to COVID-19 and related announcements.

Data for Week Ending 5/14/21 

New (Confirmed) Cases Among Students: 2
New (Confirmed) Cases Among Employees: 2
New Student Quarantines: 32
New Employee Quarantines: 4

Numbers by School/Location (Employee & Student)

Appling Middle School: 0 Cases/1 Quarantine
Ballard-Hudson Middle School: 0 Cases/1 Quarantine
Elam Alexander @ Burke: 1 Case/1 Quarantine
Heard Magnet Elementary School: 0 Cases/3 Quarantines
Northwoods Academy: 1 Case/4 Quarantines
Weaver Middle School: 1 Case/5 Quarantines
Westside High School: 1 Case/21 Quarantines


Q. Who will be quarantined if a case is reported?
A. When a positive case is reported, District and school administrators will receive advisement from the Department of Public Health to determine which employees and students will need to quarantine based on contact tracing. 

Q. What do I need to do if a person in my family tests positive?
A. Parents should contact their child’s school if a member of the child’s family has tested positive. Employees should contact their school administrator or department supervisor.

Q. When can my child return to school after a quarantine?
A. If your child has been quarantined based on contact tracing, he or she will have to remain at home for a full 14 days from the last day of contact. In the event a student is told to quarantine and does not, then that will be a level 4 violation of 6-10 OSS days.

Q. Are masks required on school buses?
Yes, passengers and drivers on school buses must wear a mask. Drivers do not need to wear a mask if they are the only person on the bus.
Public school buses are included because the Order applies to transportation conveyances operated by state and local governments. Private school buses are included because these are transportation conveyances operated for a non-personal, commercial use (i.e., in connection with a fee).

 Q. The CDC has reduced the quarantine period to less than 14 days. Why must I or my child still quarantine for 14 days?

A. We have received questions about the newly published CDC recommendations for options to reduce quarantine for contacts. In Georgia, we must follow the current executive order signed by Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia Department of Public Health guidance. As of right now, DPH guidance and the executive order still requires contacts to quarantine for 14 days. For more information, please visit

Q. What if my child doesn't wear a mask?
A. Face masks are mandatory. If a student refuses to wear a mask, the first time the student will be sent home with a warning. On the second offense, the student will be sent home with an official letter of warning. On the third offense, the student will be moved to Remote Learning Option (RLO).

Q. If one of my children has symptoms and has been tested for COVID-19, may my other children go to school?
A. All children in your family would need to stay home until a test results have been received for the symptomatic individual. If that test is negative, your other children may return to school as long as they are fever- and symptom-free. The child with symptoms would need to be improving and be fever free for 24 hours without using fever reducing medication. If that test is positive, all your children would need to stay home for the quarantine period of 14 days. 

Q. If my child is quarantined due to a direct exposure to COVID-19, do I need to keep all my children home?
A. According to Department of Public Health guidelines, only the child designated for quarantine through contact tracing would need to stay home. This only applies if your child has NOT shown symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19. If any of your children begin to show symptoms, contact your medical provider, as well as your child’s school, and keep all of your children at home.

Q. Why might I not see a case listed for a school where I’ve heard there’s a case?
A. In some instances, employees or students may be in quarantine for exposure at a location other than school. In other instances, these individuals are in quarantine as a precaution without a confirmed case at this time.

Q. How will I be notified if there is a case at my child's school or a need to quarantine my child?
A. If either of these instances arises, you will be notified through a School Messenger call from your child's school. You may also be notified that there has been a case at your child's school but that your child was not deemed to have come in close enough contact to require a quarantine.

Q. Why didn’t I get a call, even though my child’s school is listed as having a case?
A. To make sure that you are receiving all important communications from your child’s school, please update your contact information in Infinite Campus. This can be done online through Parent Portal or by contacting your child’s school.

Q. Why isn’t my child’s school listed, even though I got a call about a case?
A. The Bibb County School District COVID-19 case listing will be updated weekly. Please check back each Friday for the current week’s updated case information. 

Q. What individuals are included in case report for Bibb County schools?
A. This report includes all students, teachers and employees, both those that are based at a school and those who are based in another location like the Central Office. 

Q. Are we doing standardized testing?
A. On behalf of Georgia, State Superintendent Woods re-submitted a request for waiving assessments and accountability this year.  To date, no word has been shared regarding the status of the request, so in the absence of that, we are proceeding with preparations for all state testing including Georgia Milestones, ACCESS for ELs (currently underway), GAA and GKIDS.  

Q. I want to walk my child to class for their first day. Will I be allowed to do so?
A. Parents will not be allowed beyond the vestibule or front office at each school. Teachers and staff will greet children at the entrance to the school and make sure each child makes it to his or her classroom safely.

Q. Why is it necessary to quarantine after exposure/close contact if the exposed person was wearing a mask? 
A. Masks significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19 but do not eliminate the risk of transmission. When determining whether a person exposed to COVID-19 should go into quarantine, other factors such as lack of physical distancing, duration of close contact, and type of contact should also be considered. 

Q. If students are wearing a mask in class and a student tests positive, should we require the entire class to quarantine? 
A. In general, if there is a single case of COVID-19 within a classroom and everyone in the class were wearing masks correctly, the entire class does not automatically need to be quarantined. However, the school should determine if there were classroom contacts who, although masked, may have been exposed. For example, eating lunch together or standing/sitting close (less than 6 feet) to each other for greater than 15 minutes at one time or on a cumulative basis in a 24-hour period. Those interactions represent more extensive exposure warranting quarantine. 

Q. Sometimes, nebulizer treatments are needed for students in respiratory distress. Will nebulizer treatments be given in the school clinic?
A. During the pandemic, asthma treatments using inhalers with spacers (with or without face mask) are preferred over nebulizer treatments when possible. If a nebulizer treatment is necessary for a student, the number of people present in the room will be limited to the student and the staff member administering the treatment. Staff administering nebulizer treatments will wear appropriate PPE

Q. Does a doctor’s note clear a student to return to school before student/staff’s quarantine is over? Or would a positive antibody test clear someone to return before over the quarantine period ends? 
A. For a person who meets criteria for quarantine due to an exposure to COVID-19, neither a doctor’s note nor testing (antigen, PCR or antibody) should reduce the duration of quarantine. The exception to this is a child who becomes symptomatic and/or tests positive for COVID-19 during quarantine. At this point, the person moves from following quarantine recommendations to following isolation recommendations (10 days from onset of symptoms or date of the positive test). 

Q. Is it safe for children to use playground equipment?
A. There is evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can survive on surfaces. The duration depends on the type of surface and environmental conditions. Although there is some suggestion that contact with contaminated surfaces can play a role in transmission, this is not thought to be the primary mode of transmission. Hand hygiene is recommended before and after using playground equipment, and children should avoid touching their nose and mouth and wash their hands after use. 

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