Test Security and Ethics Guidelines

All testing materials are managed through the Assessment & Accountability Office. Each school has a certified person assigned to coordinate testing processes at the school level. Test security is critical to the integrity of the assessment program. The Assessment & Accountability Office conducts training workshops, using materials provided by the Georgia Department of Education on testing protocols and procedures, during the year, prior to test administrations that serve as a vehicle to integrate the state testing process throughout the school system in a consistent manner. All staff administering or proctoring the test are required to attend workshops prior to each state mandated test on testing protocols and procedures conducted by the school test coordinator who has been trained by the system Assessment Office. All testing materials are tracked as they are received, sent to the schools, used during testing, and returned to our office for processing. Test materials are stored in a secured location at the school with limited access from the time they are received until they are no longer in the building.

Standard Bibb Testing Protocols:

  • For state testing, a proctor is required for every classroom with 30 or more students and recommended for all classrooms.
  • For the Milestones EOG, except for grades testing online, teachers are not permitted to be the test administrator or the proctor for the grade level they teach. For those grades testing online, teachers may not be the test administrator or the proctor for the classes they teach.

Test Security:

Below is a list, although not inclusive, of actions that constitute a breach of test security. All violations of test security are reported to the Georgia Department of Education and my be reported to the Professional Standards Commission.

  • coaches examinees during testing testing, or alters or interferes with examinees' reponses in any way;
  • gives examinees access to test questions or prompts prior to testing;
  • copies, reproduces, or uses in any manner inconsistent with test security regulations all or any portion of secure test booklets/online testing forms;
  • makes answers available to examinees;
  • reads or reviews test questions, before, during (unless specified in the IEP, IAP, or EL/TPC), or after testing (this is applicable to both paper and online test forms);
  • questions students about test content after the test administration;
  • fails to follow security regulations for distribution and return of secure test materials as directed, or fails to account for all secure test materials before, during, and after testing (NOTE: lost test booklets constitute a breach of test security and will result in a referral to PSC);
  • uses or handles secure test booklets, answer documents, online testing logins/passwords/test forms for any purpose other than examination;
  • fails to follow administration directions for the test;
  • fails to properly secure and safeguard logins/passwords necessary for online test administration;
  • erases, marks answers, or alters responses on an answer document or within an online test administration;
  • participates in, directs, aids, counsels, assists, encourages, or fails to report any of these prohibited acts.

ALL individuals who have the responsibility for handling assessments are accountable for all testing materials assigned to them before, during, and after the test administration.

Code of Ethics:

Standard 10 - Testing: An educator shall administer state mandated assessments fairly and ethically. Unethical conduct includes but is not limited to committing any act that breaches Test Security, and compromising the integrity of the assessment.

Violations of the Code of Ethics, Standard 10, will be reported to the GaDOE and the GaPSC.


Irregularities and/or invalidations that may occur during each testing window are handled immediately using the protocol provided by the Georgia Department of Education. The test examiner and/or proctor report the incident to the school test coordinator who then reports to the system test coordinator who reports the incident to the Georgia Department of Education Assessment Office. Any unethical behavior that may occur regarding testing policies and procedures is reported to the PSC Educator Ethics Division for possible further disciplinary action.

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