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Gifted Screening Notification

Each year, the Bibb County School District screens all students for possible referral for gifted education services. The gifted screening process is scheduled for January 6-20, 2017.  During this two-week period, teachers will give particular attention to observing students looking for the typical traits, attitudes, and behaviors (TABs) of a gifted child as well as reviewing achievement data. At the end of the two-week period, students demonstrating exceptional achievement and performance will be referred to the School Gifted Education Eligibility Team for further consideration.

Parents, guardians, or other concerned individuals may refer students to the school eligibility team for consideration. Students may also refer themselves. All referrals must be written and sent to the child’s teacher.

In Georgia, the various test scores used in the gifted evaluation process are valid and reliable for two years. Therefore, a student who is tested this year cannot be considered for gifted testing for two years. If you have any questions or concerns about the gifted screening process, please contact a gifted education teacher or counselor at your child’s school.