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Mr. Lindsey Allen, Principal

As a graduate of Springdale Elementary, Miller Middle School, and Central High School, I am excited to return home after being away for twenty plus years to reinvest in the school system that invested in me two decades ago. My family and I are returning to the Macon area after spending sixteen years as a teacher, coach, Discipline Hearing Officer, and assistant principal serving in Gwinnett County and Barrow County Public Schools. The opportunity to work with the students, parents, and all stakeholders in the community I grew up in is a tremendous honor.

What I have learned from my time in both Gwinnett County Public Schools and Barrow County Public Schools is the absolute necessity for there to be a strong and vibrant partnership between the school, students, parents, and community. Without this essential and robust partnership, our schools cannot meet their fullest potential. As the new principal of Howard Middle School, I am inviting you to partner with our school to provide a meaningful educational experience for our students. The full support of all partners is vital as we move toward achieving the mission and vision of Bibb County Public Schools and Howard Middle School.

Our faculty and staff are committed to providing our students with a meaningful educational experience daily. Our core business each day will be focused on teaching and learning, with an emphasis on learning. We will provide students with a safe, orderly, and secure learning environment where high student achievement and continuous improvement are the expectation. We will also take responsibility for providing engaging, participatory, image rich, and collaborative lessons that facilitate high levels of student learning.

As a partner in their educational experience, our students will be expected to give their personal best each day. It is our belief that each student should add value to Howard Middle and we should be better because they inhabit our hallways. Students will be expected to take ownership of their actions and their learning. These partnership expectations are essential as we traverse toward making our vision a reality.

Lastly, to our parent/guardian partners, we ask that you fully engage in your student’s school experience. Research tells us that students with highly involved parents/guardians are more likely to be successful in school. You can do this by supporting the school expectations and holding your student accountable for their role in our educational partnership. You are a crucial member to the partnership, and without your support, it will be difficult to achieve our goals for high student achievement and a meaningful educational experience for all.

A wise man once told me that for partnerships to be successful all parties must give 100%. I have been a part of such a partnership in Gwinnett County Public Schools and believe the same will be true at Howard Middle School. I am asking all stakeholders to commit to our ascribed expectations and help us provide each student with a meaningful educational experience.

Thank you ahead of time for your partnership and we look forward to making Howard Middle School the premier middle school in our community!


Mr. Lindsey Allen


Howard Middle School
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