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Carter G. Woodson  

Carter G. Woodson-  

  • An African-American writer and historian 
  • Known as the "Father of Black History Month."  Woodson lobbied schools and organizations to participate in a special program to encourage the study of African-American history, which began in February 1926 with Negro History Week. The program was later expanded and renamed Black History Month. (Woodson had chosen February for the initial week long celebration to honor the birth months of abolitionist Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln.)
  • One of the first African Americans to receive a doctorate from Harvard
  • Dedicated his career to the field of African-American history and lobbied extensively to establish Black History Month as a nationwide institution.
  • He also wrote wrote many historical works, including the 1933 book "The Mis-Education of the Negro."
  • He died in Washington D.C., in 1950. 

 Edmonia Lewis

Edmonia Lewis-
The first professional African-American and Native-American sculptor, Edmonia Lewis earned critical praise for work that explored religious and classical themes.
JC Owens  
JC "Jesse" Owens 

·American track-and-field athlete 

·Won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin, Germany Olympic Games.

·His long jump world record stood for 25 years.

·Was not properly recognized for his accomplishments until 1976 by President Gerald Ford who awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom

 Marian Anderson
Marian Anderson  

· Deemed one of the finest contraltos of her time

· The first African American to perform with the New York Metropolitan Opera in 1955. 

· She also performed at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939, helping set the stage for the civil rights era.

 George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver-

·Born into slavery in Diamond, Missouri, around 1864. The exact year and date of his birth are unknown. 

·Carver went on to become one of the most prominent scientists and inventors of his time, as well as a teacher at the Tuskegee Institute. 

·Carver devised over 100 products using one major crop—the peanut—including dyes, plastics and gasoline. 

·Became interested in sweet potatoes,-Products he invented using sweet potatoes include: wood fillers, more than 73 dyes, rope, breakfast cereal, synthetic silk, shoe polish, Laundry Soap, Sweeping Compound and molasses.

 Ottis Redding
 Otis Redding
Singer-songwriter Otis Redding was born on September 9, 1941, in Dawson, Georgia. He was discovered after recording "These Arms of Mine. became the voice of soul music. As his career was taking off, he died in a plane crash on December 10, 1967. The song "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay" became his first and only No. 1 hit in 1968.  When he was 5 years old, Redding's family moved to Macon, Georgia, where he grew up listening to the music of Sam Cooke and Little Richard.
Macon-Washington Memorial Library  

The Washington Memorial Library

·Local Black History facts:
Located at 1180 Washington Ave, this library offers an extensive African-American Heritage collection considered one of the best in the Southeast.

·The collection, which began in 1959, contains rare genealogical, archival and biographical information.


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